From Mommy to Mom…

I have been a mommy for the last 14 years.  Since the moment I held my daughter in my arms I was in love.  I became hyperfocused on protecting my child and teaching my child and solving my child’s problems.  I bandaged knees and gave out healing hugs and kisses.  I held hands and screened who was allowed to come close to my child’s world.  I was Mommy, and my baby was going to be ok because I was on the job. 

Now I find myself at a crossroads on my parenting road.  As my daughter begins high school, my job is changing.  I am no longer Mommy.  I am no longer the one who makes the decisions in my daughters life.  I am no longer able to protect her from everything that could hurt her.  In fact, sometimes I have to stand back and allow things to come in to her world so that she can learn to deal with them and become an independant person.  My job is no longer to fix things, it is to equip her.  In four short years she will graduate and will be making decisions about her life.  College?  Work?  Marriage?  She will be responsible for the choices she makes and for the consequences of those  choices. 

It is hard to know how I handle this change in my role.  I am no longer able to treat her as a child and tell her what to do.  She is a young adult now, and though I am still to parent her and guide her, the goal now is to put myself out of a job.  Not that I won’t be there for her when she is an adult.  I always will be there for her, listen to her, offer advise to her.  But I will not be an authority to her, I will not be able to make her choices for her.

I pray that the next four years brings maturity and strength to her.  I pray that her dad and I are able to guide her and help her to become all she can be.  I pray that we are able to let her go, give her wings, and allow her to fly on her own.  I pray that she will follow Jesus, and seek His will for her life.  I pray that I will have the strength to stay out of God’s way. 

I know that my daughter is special and she will give so much to the world around her!  As I make the transition from Mommy to Mom, she will be making the translation from my daughter to Emily Crane, a person able to fly!  She will always be my daughter, and I will always be proud of her.  But she will not always need me in the way she does now.  And that is ok, because God loves her even more than I do.  He will have her in His hands.


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