How Fast It All Changes….

As I write, it is just 5 short days into the new year.  Time passes so quickly, and no matter how much I plan to blog and spend time working on my writing, I find myself again regretting that I have not made the time to do this.  It is funny.  I see writing as an outlet, a way of eradicating the chaos that is my head.  Yet I do not make the time to do it.  I do not allow myself time to process and explore and just “get it out” as it were.

So many things have changed in the last few weeks.  Russell has been laid off from his job with his brother.  This was something that came about in December.  Randy offered us a choice.  Take over the Easton office or be laid off.  If we didn’t take over the office, then Randy was going to close it as of the end of December.   We looked at the numbers and the feasibility of us doing the Easton office and decided that it would not be in our best interest to take it over.  We would have had no ownership or return for our investment.  So what was the other option?  Being unemployed.  Just in time for Christmas!  So now both of us are on the unemployment rolls.  Russ is busy looking for a new job.  I am busy trying to keep it all together.

A good change is that we now have a new car.  It is a 2011 Chevy Traverse.  We picked it up on December 29 on our way out to Gettysburg to celebrate Christmas.  This vehicle is the result of a big blessing from God, and we owe nothing on it!  We LOVE our new car!

In the last month, I also celebrated a birthday.  I turned 37.  While definately no where near “old”, I am definately feeling this one more than any other of my birthdays.  Maybe it has something to do with having a child in high school.  Maybe it is my health issues.  I don’t know.  But I don’t like saying I am 37.  I kind of feel like I should be at a different place than I am by this age.  I still need to “find myself”, which sounds so cliche’.  But I am still trying to figure out what my talents are and what I should and could be doing with myself. 

So while I am older, unemployed with a new car, I guess we march forward into whatever this year will bring.  Hopefully I can write more and not be so “journal-ish”.  I need to get the creative juices flowing again!


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