January 25, 2008 Myspace blog post

How cool is this???

Current mood:blessed

The other night we had a locksmith here replacing doorknobs and installing deadbolts. Our son, ever the curious one, hung on him like a dog to his bone! lol He asked a lot of questions and had a great time with the man.

When my husband arrived home, the two men chatted while work continued. At some point, one of the men commented on the kind of locks etc that he installs in the “wealthy” homes in north Jersey. Andrew said that we weren’t wealthy.

Mr. F said to Andrew that actually we were very wealthy.

Andrew said, “We don’t have a lot of money!”

Mr. F told Andrew that he goes into a lot of homes to do his job, and it isn’t often that he goes into a home as rich as ours. He told Andrew that our home is rich in love…that you can’t help but notice when you come here.

I thought that was just the coolest compliment I have ever received!!! And you know what? He is right. We might not have much, but we do love each other! We love to be together, and we are a happy family!

That was not always true…there were some years where Russ and I had some problems and it was committment alone that kept us together. But those times are behind us and we have been working on building our marriage and family. It was so nice to hear someone who noticed! lol

I am just so thankful that I am in fact rich in what matters! I have a husband who loves me and is patient with me. I have a beautiful daughter who will be 12 tomorrow and who still trusts me and thinks of me as her best friend. I have a son who is funny and handsome and is momma’s boy! We are happy!

What else can I ask for?!


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