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Mom’s Need Our Support!

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I was reading a news story on (click here to read).

Now I will state upfront that I do not know all of the facts regarding this case. Normally I do not attempt to comment on a story until I have gathered more information regarding the subject. In this case, however, I will make an exception.

You see, I am the mother of a son with Asperger’s, which is a “form” of autism. I know what it is to parent a child with this kind of disability. And I know that the support of family and church is essential to effective parenting. My husband and I have had to lean on our family, friends, and church countless times for support, prayer, advise and even something as simple as a break!

As I stated, I do not know the full story involved here. But I do know that there are many ways of dealing with the behaviors that are common with autism that do not include restraining orders and banning a parent and child from church. If the situation with the autistic child has reached a point where invervention is required, then intervene! Support the mom, help her to be able to attend services. Learn what needs to be done in order to meet the needs of the boy!

I am a Christian as well as a mom. I know what it is to be in church and have a limited number of workers. I know how hard it is sometimes when “different” people are coming in the door looking for help. I also know that Christ loves each and every one of these people. He wants us to step up and be part of the solution for these problems. He wants us to reach out in love to people and not alienate and push them away.

My best friend attends a rather sizable church in the Chicago area. They have done something that I think is wonderful…they have a person designated “special needs administrator” (I think that is the title they gave it…) Essentially what that person does for their church is make sure that accomodations are in place for special needs kids. My best friend holds this position now. They have kids with autism, kids with down syndrome, kids who are in wheelchairs… my friend has been known to go with the child to class herself and help the kid one-on-one so that the teacher can do her job and the parents can go to service and get some refreshment. She works with people to help them understand the different disabilities and special needs and how to best meet those needs. She has the full support of the pastoral staff, and now that the congregation is seeing it work, they are excited! And families like this mom and her autistic son would be shown love and support, not just kicked out.

My son has had some issues related to his Asperger’s come up in the past which were confusing and difficult to deal with. We were fortunate that the individuals involved (his teacher, the principal of his school) were willing to handle the situation in a way that was positive for our son and yet still resolved the matter. There are two incidents in particular where things could have gotten very “sticky” without the support and understanding of others.

Again, I don’t know the exact details surrounding this case, but I do know that a church should be the first in line to support a parent dealing with such a difficult and constant issue! They should not be the first in line to isolate this hurting mom and her kid…

Just my two cents…


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