September 3, 2008 Myspace blog post

Enough is enough!!!

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It’s all over the news! There is a viscious attack on Governor Sarah Palen, vice-presidential nominee for the republican ticket. If this attack were politically based, attacking her positions on issues, attacking the investigation on her in Alaska, attacking her professional experience or what some perceive as lack thereof, then I would not be writing this blog. That is all fair game. Professionally and politically you will be torn to peices when you run for such a high-profile public office. It is the nature of politics as usual nowadays.

What I am referring to when I say Governor Palen is being visciously attacked is the personal attacks on her and her family. Questions are being raised about her ability to govern while being a mom to 5 kids. I don’t see anyone questioning John McCain’s ability to govern while being dad to 7 kids. Or Barrack Obama’s ability while being dad to two young girls. Or even Joe Bidens ability to govern with his now four children. And no questions were raised many years ago when his wife and infant daughter were tragically killed as to whether he could serve in the Senate and still father his young sons, who were also injured and who had lost their mother.

So why are we hearing this question in relation to Sarah Palen? Is it because she is a woman?? I really don’ think people want to go there. Why would a woman be any less capable of doing a high-profile job than a man while having kids????

And that is not a republican or democrat kind of question? If Chelsea Clinton were still a young child, I think that we would have heard these same questions raised about Hilary! Which is completely unfair and biased and even discriminatory!!

Back to my original question…Is it because she has a son who was born with down syndrome? Again, I don’t think people really want to go there. I am the mother of two kids with disabilities. Emily has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease). Andrew has Asperger’s, ADHD and Tourette’s, and he may even be having seizures…we are in the middle of testing. While there are many, many reasons I would not be able or qualified to be a vice presidential candidate, my mothering two disabled kids would not even appear on the list of issues that would disqualify me!

It is ludicrous to suggest that a woman cannot carry out her responsibilities at home and at work! The very fact that this has become an issue over her political views just serves to indicate how far we as Americans still have to go toward equality. And I think it serves to indicate that sexism is more of a problem than racism in a lot of ways now.

I would really like to know where the women’s groups are in this?? Are they only for women who are liberal and pro-choice? This is a woman’s issue that must be brought into the public eye and put down!! This is where the rubber meets the road in equality and women’s empowerment. Not in an abortion clinic!

Also, Sarah Palen is being attacked because her daughter is pregnant as a teenager. Last time I checked, teenagers of that age are making most of their own choices and decisions. Bristol and her boyfriend made a mistake, and it sounds to me like Bristol and her boyfriend are making some tough and mature decisions regarding their situation.

Personally, I admire Sarah and Todd Palen for the position they are taking. They are choosing to stand by their child in love and support, they are choosing to accept the situation and publically show that support. They are not ashamed. This is just one more place people just do not want to go. After all, this is a very common occurance in our society, and many parents are facing this situation with their teen kids. It is not a personal failure on Sarah Palen’s part or in any other parent facing this. It is a private situation that will not determine her ability to be an effective vice president.

I was very happy to hear Senator Obama come out and say that this must stop! I hope he continues to hold that position. This campaign season should be about the issues facing our country and which ticket is better prepared to face those issues. It should not be about race, gender, parenting…It completely drives off-track the factual consideration of the choices Americans will soon be making regarding the future of our great country.

I look forward to both the presidential debates and vice-presidential debates. I look forward to hearing the issues discussed by the two sides and hearing how each side will solve problems our country will face. I think it would be a great disservice to our country and to both presidential candidates to have the issues overshadowed by prejudice and closed-mindedness.

This election will hold long-reaching political and historical importance no matter who wins. We will either have the first black president this country has ever had, or we will have the first female vice-president. That is positive. That is a step forward for equality and change. No matter how you look at it, that is good. No matter which side you vote for, a glass ceiling is shattered with the results.

Let’s not cloud that importance with such old-fashioned bias. Let’s make this into a truely inspiring and exciting and historically relevant election season.

Enough is enough!


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