Andrew-isms (October 6, 2006 blog)


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My son Andrew is a great thinker. I think that would surprise some people, but I know it is true. His mind is always working. He is always taking in his surroundings, what people are saying and doing, what is on tv…Everything in his world goes in there and he processes it. You say, ok, yeah, everyone does that! With Andrew, though, it takes you by surprise. No matter what subject is being discussed, Andrew can usually offer some insight or opinion. Or he can offer some fact that he had tucked away. It is amazing to witness the apparent depths of the store of that information! (He takes after his father, who knows lots of useless information and is known as the “ask him, he knows everything” dude! But I digress!)

Sometimes, the information he offers isn’t quite accurate or appropriate. Sometimes it is just plain not correct. But he offers it so seriously and confindently. Take for instance last evening. We were dropping three friends off at their homes after church. (I am Jen’s taxi on Wednesdays…we take lots of kids to church with us!) When it was down to my two kids plus one of Emily’s friends, Emily commented to me that the girl we had just dropped off didn’t want to play with her and Liz (the friend that was still with us) because the game was just too young for her. I told Emily that her friend was just trying to grow up too quickly and that she shouldn’t worry about it; she and Liz could play whatever they liked! At this point, Andrew pipes up from the back of the van and gives his two cents. “Yeah, Uh huh! Even the ten commandments tells about that! It says ‘You should not commit adultery’ and that means that you should not try and act like an adult when you are still a kid. You shouldn’t try to grow up until you really are an adult!” Needless to say, I LOST IT!!

If Andrew doesn’t totally understand something, he will just use his brain and work it out! Sometimes these things that he works out and shares with the world are much more profound. Last Spring I blogged about one such moment, and I will just quote it here.
Entry for March 05, 2006
Out of the Mouths of Babes…Today my son and I went to church alone. My daughter stayed home to babysit Daddy…a job she took on with relish! Image After church my son commented that he needed to remember his sword of the spirit next week. I asked him if that is what they talked about and he said that yes, they talked about the sword of the spirit and the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of righteousness and the shield of faith and the belt of truth. He asked me what the helmet of salvation meant and I explained that it meant asking Jesus in our hearts and he said, “Oh, ok, I have that on!” Then he said he also puts on the pants of forgiveness. I told him that I don’t think that one is listed in the Bible, and he says “Well, I am going to put on the pants of forgiveness because if I don’t then everybody will see my underwear!” Image

I think that the “pants of forgiveness” could catch on, don’t you??? lol

Andrew has always struggled with communication and being able to clearly present his thoughts. To some degree, it has been because his thoughts just simply move too fast to catch! I think it is also due to the fact that so many people just don’t listen to him. He talks a lot. He is boisterous and noisy and over-zealous sometimes. He is very impulsive. He has ADHD and has also been diagnosed with Pervasive Developemental Delay. (that may change to Asbergers Syndrome) When people spend a lot of time with Andrew, they often need to have some patience and grace. So when these thoughts and tidbits of knowlege come up, especially when he is absolutely correct in what he is sharing (which is most of the time, previous examples aside) people are surprised and amazed! It makes me so proud when my son is able to share his thoughts and get positive results!

With all the special needs Andrew has, and all the extra love and grace that must go into mothering him, I realize just how special he is. He is a smart little boy who has a very unique view of the world at large. I am excited to watch him grow and mature and keep thinking and sharing. I know that he will grow up to contribute an awful lot to the world around him. I just hope that the world around him doesn’t count him out because of his special needs! Because they will be missing out on a great thing! And no, I am not biased here! lol I am blessed that I can see what he can offer because of the fact that I am close to him as his mom. I have the chance to listen, to truely hear and understand what he is saying. I get it.

There have been people in his life who just don’t make the time to listen. They dismiss his thoughts and efforst at communication as ramblings and don’t truely listen to him. They criticize his lack of self-modulation and self-control and miss the beauty of the mind underneath it all. I just wanted to highlight that beautiful mind, and to let it shine to anyone who cares enough to hear it! I love to talk to Andrew and to hear the way he thinks and reasons things out. I have learned from him. I just know others would as well, if they give him the chance!


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