July 18, 2007 Myspace blog post

Parental Controls

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I have to start by saying…My daughter cracks me up! She is just a pure joy to have in my home and I just love being her mom. She really keeps us laughing!

Take the time, when she was maybe 6 years old, when she called PBS during their funds drive. They had an “Anne of Green Gables” doll offered as their gift for a certain donation level. It was a very nice doll. All of a sudden, she hands me our phone and says “They wanna talk to you, Mom.”

“WHO wants to talk to me?”


So I answer the phone and promptly hear “Hello, there, I am so happy to know that you would like to pledge $3000 to support programming on PBS.”


Yes, you heard right, she decided that this doll was worth $3000 and called to offer it…only to encounter the problem that they needed to talk to mom…who does NOT have $3000! lol By the way, she would not be happy if she knew I was telling you this…(Bad momma!)

Her most recent thing? You know the parental control settings that you can …er…SET on satalite tv? Well, we have not set these because our tv is right out in the open and I am aware of what they are watching…we just haven’t had need for it.

She says to us, “Mom, did you know there are X movies?” Where in the world did she hear of these? When asked, she replied, “I set the parental controls on our tv for anything above PG-13, and they had X listed.”

She then, with a straight face, says, “Would you like to know the passcode?”

My husband and I were in stitches!!

And you know, we have encountered these controls several times in the week since our ingenious, industrious, conscientious daughter instituted them. My husband wanted to watch “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe yesterday, only to discover that it is rated for audiences 14 and up…luckily Emily had shared the passcode or Dad would have been a bit grumpy! And last night, when I was watching Phillies baseball? (by the way, the Phils SMEARED the Dodgers 15-3…fun game to watch) A message popped up asking for the passcode to keep the parental controls for that channel off for a while longer. Apparently baseball falls under more mature content! lol

Can I just say, I LOVE this kid?! And I am so proud of her…she is very tuned in to what is good and maybe not so good to watch. She knows the standards that her dad and I have set and she voluntarily and cheerfully follows them! We are such lucky parents!

Just had to share!


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