July 21, 2006 myspace blog post

Whatever happened to our kids???

I talked to my mom today. She is principal of an elementary school, a public school that houses 1st and 2nd grade. A second grader came to school today with a weapon, and he intended to kill another kid. Apparantly he told another boy of his plans yesterday. The boy didn’t tell anyone at school. He did tell his parents but they forgot to call the school today about it. (FORGOT???) So the kid came today with his sisters nail file…it was a very solid nail file that looked like a dagger. (most likely it would barely have injured a person, but the kid didn’t realize this) He showed it to the same kid who he had talked to the day before. So kid #2 went to a teacher and told her, who then went to my mom. The cops came, the parent of boy #1 (mom said she thought mom would kill the kid in front of the cops!) and the parents of boy number 2, because their kid had told them about kid #1’s threat. Long story short, the kid is expelled for the rest of the school year (this week) and Mom couldn’t really do anything else. There is the possibility of this kid appearing in court, though, because he pre-meditated this thing. He came with the intent to kill someone and had planned out how to do it. SECOND GRADE!!!! This just blows my mind! I have a little boy who just finished second grade. At 8 1/2, Andrew would never even think of killing someone, let alone thinking of a way to do it and acting on the plan.

Mom and I were talking about this, and how the things that kids are exposed to now are so much … er, MORE, than ever before. More violence, more reality, more killing, more more more. Our kids are watching movies that they never should be watching, playing video games that include sex and violence and make it seem commonplace. More and more of our kids are being desensitized to things that used to offend society as a whole. Things that SHOULD offend society! Life is not valued and important anymore. It is cheap. At least, that is what is communicated in these games and movies, etc. The consequences? An 8 1/2 year old little boy from a middle class family comes to school with plans to kill a classmate. Jr. and Sr. High School kids who have been killed or wounded by other kids bringing weapons into the school. I think the consequenses are WAY TOO HIGH a price to pay!

We as parents need to be careful of the things our kids are exposed to. We need to guard the hearts and minds of our kids. We need to help them learn the value of life, the moral standard that life is precious and violence and hate is not to be accepted or tolerated. We need to be willing to stand in the gap for our kids…we need to be willing to censure what comes into our home and stand for what is right. Yes, I said censure. I do not allow my kids to watch movies that are violent. I do not allow any video games that include shooting and violence. I talk with my kids all the time about the things their friends are talking about and doing. I monitor their time on the internet. They are 10 and 8. They are just kids, and I am determined to make sure they have a full childhood, an innocent childhood.

The time will come soon enough when real life will intrude and they will be exposed to this kind of ugliness. I hope that as adults, they will have the skills to process these things and deal with these things…kids simply do not have the skills to do that! I will not allow false (pretend) ugliness to lessen the impact of real life for them. And I will not allow this false ugliness to steal their childhood innocence and cause them to grow up without hope. I want them to grow up to care, to have hope, and I want them to stand for what is right. I want them to know right from wrong, and to work to lessen the violence and to help others learn how to treat peole with dignity. I want my kids to be peacemakers.

I will be praying for my kids and for the kids in my kids school…I pray God will intervene in their behalf and that he will protect them and raise them up in love and security and safety. I pray for this little boy, that he will learn a valuable lesson through all of this about how sacred life is and how poisonous hate is. And I pray for wisdom for this little guys parents as they are dealing with this and dealing with their son. I know they love their son, I know that they provide for their son and I know that they are upset over this. I pray that this will be a chance to start over with him with some of the things they have allowed into their sons home and experience. I hope I don’t come off as if I am judging this family, I am not. I am sure the parents were not expecting this from thier son and I can only imagine how upset they must be. I pray God grants them wisdom in this and that healing will occur.

I hope I didn’t ramble…I just kind of wrote it as it poured out of me…hearing things like this really upset me. Satan, YOU CAN’T HAVE OUR KIDS!!! I for one am pledging right now to pray faithfully for our kids…all of them…not just mine or the ones I know, but all of them! They are all precious to God!


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