July 22, 2006 myspace blog post “My Son”

My son

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Psalm 127:3~Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.

On February 11, 1998 our world changed forever. Our son made his dramatic entrance into the world. At 11 pounds 5 ounces, he was a butterball turkey! Image His birth was a difficult one, and I was so relieved to hear his cry! He was so beautiful and the apple of his mommy’s eye! Our daughter had just turned two, and we were a very happy family. I knew what to do with girls…I must admit to being nervous about having a son. As the days went by, it became harder and harder to imagine our family without him. He was such a good baby. At first Emily didn’t like sharing the spotlight, but she grew to love Andrew and she was such the helper! As time went by I noticed a few things that concerned me. Andrew didn’t start to walk until he was 18 months old. He didn’ t talk as early or clearly as I thought he should have. And it was difficult to get him to sit still. We chalked it up to him being a boy…everyone said boys develope slower than girls. Emily had been an advanced child, so to compare him with her might not have been fair. Pre-school and kindergarten went well, though he had some problems that became more pronounced. Socially he seemed to be having some trouble. He had trouble relating to other kids, with sharing, and with transitioning from activity to activity. He was really smart, but behaviorly drove his teachers a bit nuts. On top of this, we were dealing with potty issues. Andrew had never been fully trained. By the time first grade rolled around, we finally were able to have him tested. Long story short, he was diagnosed with ADHD and he began taking adderall XR. The medication made a big difference in his impulsivity and behavior. Even his social life was affected positively for a while. He was like a totally different kid for his second grade teacher. He makes straight A’s on his report card, like always. But he is doing so much better behaviorly. But there was still something going on. Socially he is still struggling a lot. He still has problems picking up social cues…and he still struggles with some potty issues. He doesn’t have out and out accidents anymore like he did. But he never remembers to wipe himself and gets huge “stains” that smell as if he did have an accident. He has been to see a neurologist as well as continuing to see a psychiatrist. Just recently he received another diagnosis…PDD. Pervasive Developemental Delay is part of the autism spectrum, but is not autism or asperger’s. It explains a lot. Now the school has been providing extra time with the counselor to work on social skills. He is being given more services, which should help him succeed. I know there are worse things for a family to face with a child. But life with Andrew has been such a challenge at times. I have spent so many days in tears because he had messed his pants yet again and smeared it all over the bathroom. Or he had put his hiny through his sister’s second story window and almost fell because on impulse he decided to play on the back of her headboard which backed up to said window. Or one of many other challenging things…On the other hand, I have spent many more days in smiles and kisses. Like our morning cuddles that we used to have every day until about a year ago. And like when he puts his arms around me and tells me he loves me. And when I hear him laugh. His laugh is so catching! One MUST smile when one hears him laugh. He is such a loving and caring little boy. He is so intelligent and loves to share his knowlege. He is creative and funny and such a joy!! I absolutely LOVE being his mom! Even with all of the challenges, I would not trade him for any other little boy. He is special. He is unique. He is a blessing from God, and I am so glad that God found me worthy for this particular blessing. I pray that God would continue to give my husband and myself the wisdom to help Andrew to succeed. I pray that my love will always be enough to cover whatever comes up with him. I pray he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt how much he is loved and how special he is. I thank God every day for the blessing of a son!!!


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