November 10, 2007 Myspace blog post

Happy Birthday, Honey!!

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Dearest Russell,

Happy Birthday!!! I am glad that your birthday falls on a Sunday this year so that we can spend the day with you. We love to be with you. I hope we can enjoy some relaxation together as a family.

Honey, there are just a few things I want to say to you. First, I am so glad you are mine! You are such a wonderful man and you are so funny and so smart and so fun to be with. You can be so caring and so sensitive to me and I am just so lucky that you are my husband.

I know that life is a bit tough right now. You are in the midst of learning and living your new job and it gets tough sometimes to keep it all in perspective. I know you are feeling the stress of it. I want to remind you that I believe in you! This new adventure we are on is the biggest one we have attempted yet, and I think it will turn out to be the best one! You are good at what you do. And what you do makes it possible for you to be a part of our lives, not just paying for what we do.

I really am thankful that you are so willing to work hard for us. I am so thankful that you love us and want to give us a good life. What you do is definately noticed!

I pray that this year will see some of your prayers answered. I pray that you are able to finally meet some of the goals you have set, and finally see the benefits of the decisions you have made in recent days. I pray you will see tangible progress and that you will be able to look back on the year with some pride and a real sense of accomplishment.

Honey, you are such a blessing. It just blows me away to think of all you have gone through in the past 3 1/2 to 4 years…and you are still standing! And not just standing, but walking! And not just walking, but you are still reaching to better yourself and move forward. It takes a strong man to do what you have done and are doing!! My strong man!

Happy Birthday! I love you very much!!!


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