November 6, 2006 Myspace blog post

An American Duty

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Just in case you have been hibernating and have missed it….TOMORROW is mid-term elections. I just wanted to encourage everyone to get out and vote.

I really find it appalling that so few people excercize their right to vote, especially in the mid-term elections. I know that most people have an opinion on the goings-on in Washington DC and their state capitals respectively, and most people will voice said opinion…especially if they disagree with the current people in leadership and the decisions rendered by them. I always ask, “Did you vote?” before I allow myself to get sucked into discussions regarding our current elected officials and laws. In my book, if your answer is “No” then we really don’t have anything to discuss.

You see, I vote. I go out and vote in every election, whether the local school board election or the Presidential election. I do my part. If you choose not to vote, then I don’t really care about your opinion. Seem harsh? I am sorry. But there it is.

You see, there have been people who have actually died so that I have the right to have my voice heard. There are people who are currently in harm’s way, all over the world, so that I can live in safety and peace here in my little corner of it. They are defending my freedom, and one of the biggest freedoms that I have is my right to be represented BY MY VOTE in government. I get a say. There are whole groups of people (ie: women, african americans….) who had to fight for a long time to get their voices heard. People were imprisoned and killed, so strong was the desire to be heard.

Nowadays, very few americans take the time to go to the polls. It is sad how soon we have forgotten the sacrifices made. And yet we have no problem complaining about a broken system. Maybe if we all participated actively it would not be so broken.

I am not here to tell you how to vote or which party to support. I think you can decide that for yourself. Rest assured, I know who I will vote for tomorrow and who I hope wins. But whichever way it goes, I will know that I contributed and that I can continue to participate by contacting the elected officials regularly regarding important issues. Their job is to represent me, not themselves. Whether they act on my input or not, I give it and give it regularly.

It is my right and my duty as an American! So PLEASE, take the elections process seriously and GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!


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