October 24, 2006 Myspace blog entry

I just don’t get some people!!

Current mood:aggravated

The internet is a wonderful thing. It is a great way to expand one’s world, meet people with similar interests and ideas. I am a member of several online groups. I love the people I have met in these groups and the relationships I have developed. I am very careful about what groups I join and who I give my personal info to. Several of these groups I have been a part of for 4 or 5 years. These are closed groups…the ladies who are in the groups now have been the same group of ladies from the start. It has made for a safe, close-knit group of friends whom I have come to truely love! One group I belong to I joined just about 4-5 months ago. It isn’t a closed group, but membership must be approved by the group owner. It is a Christian group for Christain women. The focus is homemaking and being a godly wife and mother. The group description is very clear for everyone who checks it out. I have said all of this to say….I DON’T GET SOME PEOPLE!!!

We have had a situation in this particular group over the past few days. It came to light that one of our members is a Wiccan. (for those of you who have no idea what that is, it is basically a witch) Really long story short, this member was banned from the group. As I said, right up front the group is presented as a Christian group formed for Christian women and is Christ-focused. Why this member joined, and then was offended by all of the Christians in the group is beyone me! So anyway…another member decided to speak up…and lo and behold, we have another wiccan in the group. I will post her words below.

Good Morning,

This is very out of line for me as I’m usually very quiet and tend
to keep my thoughts to myself, but just not possible this morning. I
can barely sit still long enough to type this I am so upset.

I am very disturbed by what’s happened. When I saw the post that
someone had been banned I KNEW it was the Wiccan (the proper term
for a practicing witch). Quite frankly I never could understand why
christians did not embrace the philosophy more, it is the worship of
nature… wind, air, fire and water. The worship of the beautiful
earth that the Lord created. xxx (name deleted to protect the person mentioned)- the Wiccan that is on your
board, what exactly is it that you need her to see the truth about?
The Lord created this beautiful place. I can’t help but to wonder in
the 21st century are there still some who believe that witchcraft is
all about evil spells and eye of newt and lizard tongues?

Granted, maybe this particular lady joined this group with
condecending(sp)and less than honorable intentions, I don’t know I
did not see her website. Then again maybe she was just a mom who
wanted to do the best she can and share the glory of spirituality,
of knowing that you’re not alone. That wonderful feeling of…..well
I don’t need to explain, we all know the glory of a higher power.
That alone is such a huge thing in a world where far too many don’t
even acknowledge a higher power WHATEVER THAT MAY BE.

I grew up devout Catholic and even as a child saw the flaws. I left
God behind for awhile in my 20’s and started to look for him again
over the last few years. I have to be completely honest and say this
has been a huge reminder to me as to why I could not get with the
traditional church. Too much judgement, ignorance and hypocracy even
though the teaching is just the opposite. Why in the name of saving
someone are these behaviors suddenly ok?

Please do not feel the need to pray for these ladies and their
families. They are teaching their children about spirituality and
tolerance and having an open mind. That there are all different
people in the world and as God loves them all so should we.

Mrs. xxx (name deleted for protection of the person), I loved the homemaking portion of the site, but I’m sure
you understand why I can’t be a part of this group. I have found God
and he is bigger and better than ever, but my beliefs are going down
a different path. I believe there’s a spot in the group to cancel
myself out, but just in case, please remove me from the group.

Lastly, you were all so believing that this woman had been sent to
you for ministering. Perhaps we were sent to you to open YOUR eyes.

I am not posting this blog to attack the wiccan religion here. My biggest problem here is that these women purposely joined a group with their eyes open. Once in the group, they can’t understand why it is that they don’t fit in. They wish we would change.

Yes, I did write to this woman. I informed her that the reason I do not worship as she does is that I worship God and God alone…not his creation. God does not share his glory with any other person/thing. This woman was removed as well from the group, and I commended the group owner for doing so. Yes, there is a time and a place to talk with women who are not believers. There is also a time and place to have a group of like-minded women who can safely share in fellowship with one another. As the homepage of the group clearly outlines, this group is for CHRISTIAN women. I believe it is biblical for us to be exclusive in our membership here. This group was not formed to be a social club or an evangelistic tool. It was formed to give a christian environment and forum to form relationships and grow together. I think that we need to protect ourselves from “worldly” influences. If we let these women into our group, knowing that they hold views that are in direct opposition to ours, then we should not be surprised when eventually false ideas and teachings are being presented. I think of it like a cancer. If you ignore it when you are diagnosed, and just let it alone and not worry about it, eventually the cancer will grow to a point where there is much pain and much difficulty in removing it. It may even threaten your very life! That is what happens when you let sin dwell within the camp…eventually it starts to quietly grow and eventually causes real problems. The Bible says to be on guard for the enemy trying to infiltrate…it says to not let yourselves be unequally yoked for good reason!

I am sorry that these ladies feel as if they have been judged and dealt with unfairly. All I can say is that they shouldn’t be surprised that they didn’t fit into a group that wasn’t meant for them. There are plenty of other groups devoted to forming friendships and homemaking. If they don’t find one to their liking, then they should form their own.

Again, I go back to the question…Why would someone purposely join a group that they do not really have much in common with? Why do they then get offended when they don’t find they have much in common with the members? And why do we get accused of being hypocrites and misrepresenting ourselves when it is clearly outlined UP FRONT who we are and what we believe?

Again, though I believe wiccan to be evil and abhorant to my God and not just some innocent and harmonious and beautiful viewpoint, I will not go there right now…that is a subject for another blog! This is a free country and you have a free will…if you choose to reject Christ and follow these teachings, fine. Get your own group! Leave us alone! You have the right to excercize your religion in whatever fashion you want in this country. So do I. Let’s leave it at that. Stop trying to come in and then get angry when we don’t do things your way.

I think this is a big problem today. Not just online, with a christian group. There are a lot of people nowadays who seem to feel threatened if a group or organization holds to certain beliefs/standards/practices that exclude other individuals. I really do think there is a place for exclucivity. There is such a thing as being too open and accepting, especially if that open attitude means that you are compromising on your values/standards. That said, there is also much more room for diversity. The line is a thin one, and should be drawn very carefully!


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