October 3, 2006 Myspace blog entry

The big questions…

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when the serious questions begin to inundate us and puzzle us and confuse us. Usually this happens in response to some horror, some tragedy, some act that is so “bad” that it baffles us. We try to find ways of understanding these events, we preach from our pulpits and opine from our political stump. We write books…many book titles are coming to mind…”When Bad Things Happen To Good People” and “The Problem of Pain” to name a just a couple. We watch Oprah or Dr. Phil in hopes that we can come to an understanding with these circumstances and questions.

Yesterday, in Lancaster County PA, a man went into an amish school house and took the girls hostage, only to shoot them all execution style. It is awful, tragic, unfathomable…The amish culture as a whole is peaceful and have attempted to live separately from the general modern population. This kind of stuff should not be touching them. As I write this, 5 children have died. Several more are still in the hospital. Here is one of those big questions…HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED???

I believe it all boils down to one thing….SIN. I am sure in saying that I may have lost some of my readers. People don’t like religious rhetoric…I don’t either. However, I have been alive long enough to know that sin exists. Evil is very real. And because sin and evil exist, this kind of crap is not only possible but unfortunately it is very likely! The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things and desparately wicked.” Sin is total depravity and wickedness within our hearts. None of us are immune to sin. We all sin and miss the mark set by God. We know it is true. Even those of us who don’t know God and don’t accept this concept have to admit that we all do things wrong. Even sometimes when we want to do the right thing, we goof and do the wrong thing.

Now I am not saying that stealing a cookie or telling a white lie is on the same plane as what Mr. Roberts did to these kids and this community. What I am saying is that the root problem is the same…total depravity…SIN. What is more evil and depraved than killing innocent children and terrorizing their peirs? What is more evil and depraved than raping a child or abusing a child? What is more evil and depraved than using terroristic means to collapse buildings and kill innocent people on 9/11? Then again, if we look honestly at this, would Mr. Roberts himself said he was capable of doing this say 5 years ago? His wife certainly had no idea he would be able to do this to kids similar in age to their own.

Most of us will never do the kind of serious sin that Mr. Roberts very publically committed. But we do sin. Everyday we do things and think things that are wrong and hurtful to others. I have lied to and about others. I have had a hateful attitude toward people. I have lost my temper and treated my husband and kids unfairly. I may not have hurt these people or killed them, but the Bible says that if I harbor hate in my heart for another then I have committed murder in my heart. I am no better than Mr. Roberts in God’s eyes.

Sin is Sin is Sin is Sin. It is time we acknowlege that and quit trying to justify this stuff or explain it away as religious rote. I have heard some say that this was God’s will. Oh, PLEASE!! I submit that this wasn’t God’s will. I submit that this was as horrible and grievous to the heart of God as it was to all of us. Could he have prevented it? Yes, I suppose he could have. But he didn’t.

God doesn’t want evil and sin to happen. He doesn’t want our depravity to doom us. His word says that ALL have sinned and fallen short of His glorious standard. There is not one righteous, NOT ONE. The Bible also says that the wages of sin are death…not just physical death, but a spiritual death. A total separation from God forever. That is why Jesus Christ had to come to this earth. He lived a sinless life. He was the only man to ever live who did not commit a sin. He was tempted but did not give in to that temptation. He was the only one who could die, who could take that punishment on himself for everyone else. He didn’t deserve that death, we all do, but he didn’t. But because of his LOVE, he did it. And not only that but he rose from death and defeated it once and for all. We don’t have to live in our depravity. We don’t have to spend eternity damned to hell and total separation from God.

Unfortunately, so many reject this. They don’t believe what Christ did on the cross matters one iota. So many have rejected God’s solution, and then they wonder why they can’t seem to get a grip. They ask why these things seem to happen and why no one can do anything. No, this wasn’t God’s will. But God did give a choice to all of us, a free will. And when we reject Him, our sinful and depraved heart takes over. Sometimes it happens very publically and horribly, as it did yesterday in Lancaster. Sometimes it happens silently and privately within our own thoughts and heart. But make no mistake, IT HAPPENS.

My heart and prayers are with the families and friends who have lost a child…and with the families and friends who are anxiously awaiting the fate of their wounded loved one. I cannot imagine the horror they are facing. My heart and prayers are with Mrs. Roberts and the children…they are just as much a victim in all of this. Imagine the shock she is feeling now, the horror that this man she has loved and lived a life with could do somthing like this. She never saw it coming. She didn’t for one minute ever believe him capable of such an act. But there it is…Sin in all it’s ugly glory!

I hope we are asking the big questions in the aftermath of this. I hope we are honesly looking at how this happened, and why. I hope we are making a choice to not let this happen again. The condition that made this happen will make other just as horrible things happen…unless we choose Jesus! When we accept His sacrifice on our behalf, realizing that he became our sin so that we could stand before God clean and sinless, we make a difference. God’s love and not depravity wins.


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