October 30, 2007 Myspace blog post

Balancing Act

Isn’t it just amazing how busy life can get?! What especially amazes me is that it happens without me noticing it…that is, until I feel ready to crash and burn and then look around and say, “Huh? How did I get so busy?”

In today’s world, we cannot avoid some amount of busyness. Our culture and lifestyle are custom-designed for busyness. Kids go to school, kids have homework, extra-curricular activities…which by the way they simply MUST have in order to get into college someday. Work, housework, paying bills, driving all over tim-buc-too for groceries. Church commitments, committee meetings, visiting the grandparents at least once a week. We think we need to do something every day of the week. Quality time with the kids means these great excursions to find adventure…zoos, hay rides, corn mazes, museums. What ever happened to quality time at home with a book or something simple like a game?

And then when the “big burn” comes on, we swing in the opposite direction. We closet ourselves and avoid everything. It is kind of a depressive game we play.

I think we have all lost our sense of balance. You know, “There is a time for everything under Heaven”. There are times when going out as a familly is a good and healthy thing to do…everyone has fun and enjoys the novelty of being somewhere together. But there also is a time for staying in, for cleaning house together, for going for a walk or playing Scrabble together. The trick is finding that balance and sticking to it. Not always easy when Grandma wants to do something yet again with the kids and they haven’t been home for several weekends. Sometimes Grandma gets upset when we choose to simply be at home.

You know, I was thinking last week while it was raining. I think water is a good example of what I am talking about. Think about it…

Water is essential. We need it to live, to exist. Our bodies are made mostly of water. If we do not take in enough water, we dehydrate and get sick…it can even kill us. If we take in too much, especially too quickly, it can also make us sick and even kill us. Our world around us needs water as well. Yet too much rain will cause vast flooding and destruction and death. Not enough rain will keep things from growing and will eventually kill animal and plant life. There has to be a balance. The perfect balance of water makes everything thrive and grow and be perfect and healthy. Including us!

Maybe that was an imperfect illustration, but that is the kind of balance we need. Too much activity and committments will burn us out and harm us. If we are depressed and not participating in the world around us, we are harmed as well.

So how do we find this perfect balance? I have to admit I am still working on this one. I find that busyness and stress often take over here. I have to slow down. I have to realize that some things are a priority and some things are ok to let slide. My kids do not have to do everything…they will still grow to be well-rounded people and will still get into college if they so choose. I do not have to be the perfect Martha Stewart housewife (good thing, too, because my gifts just do not lie there!) to be a good housewife and mom.

I also have to realize that I am important. I need some me time…time to rejuvinate and reset myself. I need to take time every day for quiet time…time to pray and read my bible. Time to be with God. I need to take some time to read or scrapbook or be on the computer or whatever rests me. I need to find things that interest me and persue them. I need to keep reading and filling my mind with information so that I can contribute when in conversation with other adults.

Balance. If I can acheive this one thing in my life, it will not only make my life fuller and easier but it will affect my husband and children for the better. And hopefully the kids will learn this crucial skill and not struggle with it as I have…


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