October 9, 2007 Myspace blog post

Guess what Mom, I’m in the band!!

Current mood:cheerful

One day last week, while going through the papers and stuff in Andrew’s backpack, I came accross some papers that puzzled me. The bold letters at the top proclaimed, “Now that your child is in the band!” and proceded to talk about band and music lessons and how to encourage your child. Try as I might, I could find no specific reference to an instrument or to Andrew so I kind of shrugged my shoulders and set the papers aside. He must have gotten them by mistake. I mean, I know we talked about band, and Andrew really wanted to do it, but Russ and I decided that we couldn’t afford the instrument.

A couple of days later, I find another interesting paper in his bookbag. This time it is a practice log with two lessons marked. The first had occured the day before. What?? So I called my son in to question him.

Yes, he did have a lesson. Well, it was more of a meeting. He learned how to put together and take apart a clarinet. He also got to grease the cork. Ok…what clarinet? Oh, one that the band director had there. Mom, I have to have my clarinet by my next lesson on October 15. Andrew, did you tell him we have a clarinet? Yes, Mom, we do.

Then I remembered the old clarinet that Russ’s dad had picked up at a flea market and given to Russ several years ago. A nice old piece but not in working condition…and wayyyy too much money needed to make it be in working condition!

But what initiative!! This kid got himself signed up for the band and for clarinet lessons… and even took his first lesson sans a clarinet! Russ and I decided to see what we could do.

Some phone calls and computer time later, Russ found just what we were looking for on Craigslist. Lo and behold, even though the listing was over a month old, it was still available. So for $75 we were able to get the instrument, case and music stand. It is a very nice clarinet and in really good condition. He is so very excited!! So now he has a clarinet for his lessons.

This whole thing has totally cracked me up! Who would have thought he would care so much about doing this. I don’t remember Andrew ever wanting to do something and pursuing it like this. He usually just moves on to the next thing when one thing falls through. Or he doesn’t pursue anything outside of the everyday (this is most of the time). For him to decide to do something and then to make it happen…well, I must say I am proud of him. I hope this works out for him and I hope he enjoys it as much as he thinks he will.

And I hope we survive the first months of practice!!! lol


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