The Princess on her birthday

It was her birthday.  She wore a princess crown and a purple shirt.  Purple was her favorite color after all.  She was turning eleven years old and was in love with life.  Her parents.  Her friends.  Her four sisters.  Little did anyone know it was the last birthday she would spend with her family and friends.  Little did anyone know what would happen in the spring. 

She was just eleven years old when she died.  She never got to become a teenager, never got to go to a school dance or any number of things that most teens get to do.  She had a seizure and she was gone.  Just like that.

Today would have been her sixteenth birthday.  Sweet Sixteen.  Her mom and dad and sisters should have been throwing her a party.  They should have been laughing and teasing and celebrating this milestone.  Instead they were left with only memories.  Happy memories and laughter at the stories about her life.  Tender memories about her sensitive heart and love of life.  Sad memories at her loss.

The crown she now wears is real, given to her by Jesus himself.  I believe she is wearing purple, her favorite color, and laughing and dancing with Jesus for her birthday in her princess crown.  I think Jesus cares about stuff like that.  I believe that by the time she turns around and looks for her family to hug them and celebrate with them, they will be with her.  Time doesn’t pass in the same way in Heaven.

But here on earth, where time passes more slowly.  It feels like a long time since she was with us.  Her mother’s arms ache with her absence.  She is missed.  Deeply.  And she will be until she is reunited with her family while she is dancing with Jesus!




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