Thirteen years ago something happened that changed the world.  It became a pivotal point in history, a point that marked a new era.  A handful of islamic terrorists took over a few airplanes and attempted to crash them into four specific targets.  Three of the planes hit their target.  The fourth plane fell short and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania because of the heroic efforts of the passengers on-board.  Several thousand innocent people lost their life that day.  And a country lost it’s innocence.

Thirteen years later, we are remembering as a nation.  People are sharing photos and statuses on Facebook and Twitter.  The president is participating in memorial activities.  I am glad to see we haven’t forgotten as a nation.  I am concerned, however, that maybe we are beginning to forget.  I saw an interview with some college students recently who, though they lived through this day, were very young and don’t remember or know very much about what happened.  They know we as a country talk about it every September 11, but it’s impact on them personally is hard to see.   My own daughter falls into this category, though she knows more than a lot of college kids. My husband and I have seen to it.  To her, it is vague memories and something bad that happened a long time ago.  We are past that now.
I sometimes think that attitude is beginning to be prevalent in our America that is 13 years past that day.  The unity and patriotism we saw in the immediate aftermath of the attacks is long gone.  The zeal to seek and destroy those who did this and those who could do it again is gone.  Now we have Benghazi.  Americans were left behind to die at the hands of islamic terrorists, and our government is unwilling to let the truth come out about that day.  Our government may even be responsible for those Americans deaths!  Just in the past few weeks our country is facing a new terrorist threat in the form of ISIS, and our president does not seem to view it as a very serious problem.  Thirteen years ago we saw what these people are willing to do.  Last night the president gave a speech that I felt was lacking in the zeal and understanding of what must be done to protect our nation, our people.  I don’t think the impact of 9/11 has lasted long enough because we are still facing serious terror threats and regardless we are beginning to open our defenses up for politically correct motivations and that is dangerous.

It is important to remember what happened that day thirteen years ago.  It is important to teach our kids the significance of that day.  It is important we remember who our enemy is and exercise appropriate caution and action.  Rest assured, our enemy knows exactly who we are and they will not give up!!

It is important that we never again endure the loss of life that 9/11 gave us!!  It is important that we never have to look into a grieving mother’s eyes and know that her loss could have been prevented, that we could have stood strong.  It is important that we remain vigilant and aware of the dangers that are still out there for our nation and we take them seriously!

May God bless and protect our country.  May those who lost loved ones be comforted, and may their country not fail them in this time of continued threat.  May we never forget!!


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