The Waiting Game

This season of my life seems to be a waiting game.  I am waiting to find out final grades for one of my classes at Liberty.  I am waiting for an admission decision for the graduate program that I have chosen.  I am waiting for my final course to be uploaded to Blackboard so I can get started on it.  I am waiting for news of scholarships for my daughter, and for SAT scores for my son.  I am waiting for some things to happen in regards to my husband’s job search.  I am waiting until December (when my degree will be conferred) so that I can look for a job.  Waiting.

I really don’t see myself as an impatient person, and so my unrest at all of this waiting has taken me by surprise.  I’m not sure if it is impatience, or something else that is driving my frustration right now.  Maybe part of it is that I feel a real lack of control when it comes to all of these circumstances, and I don’t like that lack of control.  I want to have things fall into place neatly and quickly, all packed into a pretty package with a bow.  I want it to be easy and done, not drawn out and therefore harder.

I think that this problem of waiting is a common one.  I think our society expects things to occur instantly, without inconvenience or any sort of waiting time.  With the invent of Netflix and microwaves and texting, no one has to wait for anything anymore.  I think that makes it harder when we do have to wait for a process to occur that we have no control over.  A perfect example of this is my impatience with my grades.  At most, it will take two weeks for my final grades to post.  It used to be longer for grades to post and then the mail to go out and reach you.  I will have instant access to the grades as soon as the professor completes them.  And yet I am frustrated because I have to wait a bit.

I think this “instant-access” society is not as good a thing as it seem on the surface.  Now we add the stress of fitting even more into our packed lives and expecting instant results to our problems and efforts.  We find it difficult to relax and just let the process work.  We have become impatient without realizing it.


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