I got a surprise visit today from a friend from high school.  I have gotten to see her much more than usual lately because of her job, but she is going to be changing jobs very soon and will not be traveling anymore.  Her schedule opened up today and so she came to me.

This friend and I have been friends for 25 years now.  We haven’t been in constant touch, but when we did talk it was as if no time had passed.  This friend is one of the few people who knows me inside and out.  She knows the good, the bad, and the pretty darn ugly and loves me anyway.  There are so few people who fit this description.  And the two or three people who do fit it have been my friend for most of my life.

Friendship is a funny thing.  There are different kinds of friends.  There are people like this friend who came to visit, people who have been there forever and will be there forever.  People who are family.  Then there are the people who I love, who I have known for a while, but who I am not in constant contact with.  I still consider them friends and we still talk, but they belong more to my past then my present.  And then there are the friends who I see more often in my everyday life, people I am still getting to know and love.  People who I have come to treasure.   There are people who used to be friends but who I really don’t know anymore.  So many different types of friends who have helped to make me who I am.  Who I have loved and shared with.  Who have given a piece of themselves into my heart for safe-keeping.

What a blessing friends are!  Especially friends like the one who came to see me today.



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