Life is A Ripple that Flows Out

Life is a ripple that begins in a central location and flows out to touch many spots far away from that original spot.  Just as the ripple that occurs after one throws a stone in the middle of the lake, a person never fully realizes how much his or her very existence flows out to affect others.  People that we meet, people that we form friendships or connections with, people that we come to love.  The things that bring us joy and bring us pain.  The way that these emotions affect our treatment of others.  Whether we touch someone so lightly that he or she barely notices, or whether we grab onto that person as if life itself depends on that contact, that connection matters.  And when life ends, it has an effect.  It ripples out, touching people in ways that can hardly be imagined.  Life is precious and the way we live it flows out like ripples on the water.


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