Registered for my Final Two Classes Today……

I remember sitting down at my computer blogging about my decision to go back to school.  I had been out of school for around 20 year., and a lot has happened in my life since I had last been a student.  In December 2015 I graduated summa cum laude with my B. S. in Psychology.  I began grad school right away, and I also blogged about my decision to pursue Gerontology.

Today I am sitting here blogging about registering for my final two graduate classes.  By December of this year, I will hold a master’s degree in Gerontological Services from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

This journey has taken me through five years, two moves, both of my children graduating high school, health concerns and surgeries, the death of a grandparent, and multiple other life changes.  It was very difficult at times, and I even spent some time in tears and ready to give up.  I kept going, though, and here I am!

I am working to find a job and begin to build upon my education and truly make a difference to the people who I work with.  I am looking at research ideas, and beginning the process of developing them.  I am still a wife and a mom, and these roles are the ones I still identify with most closely because these roles mean the world to me.  I am also someone who is passionate about my chosen field and the individuals that I work with.  In some ways. I am the same person I have always been.  In others, I have changed and grown.

My husband and my kids have given me their love and support, their proofreading skills and their shoulder, their understanding and their cheering section to get me through.  I could not have gotten here without them!

So here I am getting ready to tackle my final semester of school.  I am excited to see where I land as I apply for and interview for positions in my field.  I am excited to see what the next chapter of my life holds as I am stepping out as a confident, educated and capable woman.


It really is true that some people are just never happy unless they are complaining about something!  I am a college student and I have been working toward my degree for two years now.  During this time, I have faced many challenges.  Sometimes a class is difficult, or a professor is not available when I am struggling.  Sometimes assignments are intricate or long or hard. Sometimes a class is boring or just not something that I am very good at.  It is all a part of college. 

I chose to pursue my education through an online program, so that adds it’s own challenges to life as a student.  Do I get annoyed when Blackboard crashes and I can’t complete my work?  YES.  Do I have to spend a lot of time on the phone sometimes to talk with advising or financial aid or accounts regarding problems?  YES.  (Although as a residential student I would be spending this same time either on the phone or standing in some office on campus doing the same thing!)  Do I get grades that frustrate me?  I think all students do.

Do I complain whenever any of these, or countless other issues, occur?  No. 

First of all, what does it solve to complain and blame and be miserable?  NOTHING.  Secondly, I chose to go back to school in order to grow and develop myself into a more rounded and educated person.  I wanted to learn problem solving skills and critical thinking skills.  The way I see it, these common problems are just part of the educational process.  Some of it might be from someone else’s incompetence.  Most of it just happens.  The grades are my responsibility.  If I don’t like them, I need to change how I am performing.  I need to seek counsel from my professor regarding my issues so that I can adjust.  That is not the professor’s fault that I am not performing according to my own expectations. 

Some things are no one’s fault, like when Blackboard crashes.  Quite frankly, my university has been very generous with extensions of deadlines when that happens.  So what is there to complain about?  More time to study!  

It gets very difficult to hear complaints about everything that happens.  It is a privilege to be able to go to school and receive an education.  It is not owed to anyone.  And privileges are things to be earned, fought for, and appreciated.  Not things to be complained about!!  I wish these people could realize that!