It’s Been A Bad Day but I am Good

Today has been one of those days.  You know the kind.  The I-never-should-have-climbed-out-of-bed and Can-this-day-just-end kind of days.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail because, well, first of all you (my reader) really don’t want to hear this list and second of all, I just really don’t want to retell it because it is just depressing.

Everyone has days like this.  As I sit here thinking about mine, I realize that I have a choice about how I respond to this bad day.  I can cry and get all worked up and bitter and angry, which quite frankly would probably be understandable.  Or I can choose to look for the things I can be thankful for and concentrate on those.

Today I am thankful that I have a husband who was home today to help me face and address all of the stuff that just kept piling on.  I can be thankful for my best friend, who lets me text her as I go to distress, and who loves me anyway.  I am thankful for our friend from church who is helping us deal with one of our issues.  I am thankful for this beautiful day, and that I was able to get outside for a walk this afternoon.  I have things to be thankful for that I can concentrate on rather than those things that are frustrating and can drag a person down but that are a part of life sometimes.

I have had a bad day today, but I am good.





Slow Down

Recovering from surgery stinks.  I was given an idea pre-op what to expect after surgery, and I thought I was ready to handle it, but the reality is much different than the expectation.  It hurts.  I cannot eat without pain, and I am wiped out and want to sleep all of the time.  I have another week off of work and school, and for the first time I am wondering if that really will be enough time.  It is amazing how life can come to a big stop sometimes, and there is nothing to do but stop with it.

I have been given plenty of time to think over the past few days since my procedure last Tuesday.  First, I think about how blessed I am that I have the medical care and the support of my husband and children as I go through this process.  I have to food and drink and medicine I need to recover my strength.  I have my husband and son to lend me a helping hand in everything from cooking to cleaning to laundry to getting me a water bottle.

Rest is something that we all need and yet very few of us partake in.  I have been running non-stop with school and work and all of my responsibilities.  This surgery has forced me to slow down and rest, to read and sleep and think and not be rushing to do anything.  I can tell that even as I start back to my regular schedule in a week, I will have to pace myself.  I don’t think that is a bad thing.  I think it is too easy to fill every waking minute with busy and to not rest and take the time to enjoy our life.

It is time to re-prioritize and re-structure my life to include the little things.  It is time to rest, and to not be quite so busy.


Christmas Thoughts…

The manger scene is set up right inside the front door, the first thing that is seen as someone walks in.  The Christmas tree is set up, with ornaments that tell a story of the family who live within these walls.  The lights in the tree and on the front of the house are colored lights, shining brightly with multi-colored beauty.  The snowman and Santa collection is spread throughout the living room, foyer, and dining room.  The setting is set for Christmas day, just six days from now.

This year has been a challenging one for our family.  Health issues took center stage, insinuating themselves into every decision and every activity for quite a portion of the year.  Along with the health issues came financial issues.  In fact, the financial issues outlasted the effects of the health issues. This year for Christmas it is very tight, and I am not able to go shopping for my kids like I am used to doing.  My husband and I are not buying gifts for each other this year.

As I think about our situation, and how I am going to provide some kind of Christmas for my children, I am tempted to be frustrated and upset because I cannot shop for them and for my family and friends.  I have had to step back and re-think how I do Christmas.

What is important about Christmastime?  What needs to be my priority?

I am a Christian, and as such I have always celebrated the birth of Jesus at Christmas.  From my childhood Christmas Eve services at church and readings from Luke chapter 2 with family have been a part of our celebration.  Gifts and getting together with family have also been a part of my childhood.

This year I am looking at my Christmas tree and thinking about what this season truly means.  It is a time set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and as I reflect on that I am humbled.  God himself loved me so much that he became a human being, stepping into history to make a way for human beings to have a restored relationship with God.  That little baby boy that we celebrate grew up to make the biggest impact on history!

My husband and children and I will be together for Christmas.  We will read the Christmas story together and we will attend church.  We will have hot chocolate and our traditional Christmas breakfast, and we will laugh and joke and hug and spend time together.  Then we will go to my parents house to spend time with my family, eating a Christmas dinner that my mom will make and again reading the Christmas story.  We will spend more time laughing and hugging and enjoying the gift of being together as a family.

Gifts will be a part, but they will take a backseat this year.  I don’t think that is a bad thing.  Whether a person is a believer or not, this season is about family and love and coming together.  For believers it is also about remembering the Lord and celebrating the way He touched history.  It is never about the gifts.